Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Free "Spirit Blade" With "Dark Ritual"!

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Hello Everyone!

Since the release of "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual" earlier this month, I've continued to get exciting feedback from those who have listened to it. We broke a lot of ground with "Spirit Blade", but the common opinion among listeners is that "Dark Ritual" is a leap forward in every aspect of production! If you haven't checked it out yet, you can hear the trailer and download the first two chapters (40 minutes) for FREE at !

With the holiday season upon us, I'm thrilled to announce that now is the easiest time to jump into the world of "Spirit Blade"!

From now through December 31st, for every "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual" 3-Disc set you purchase, you'll receive a copy of the original "Spirit Blade" 2-Disc set for FREE! That's just $12.99 for 5 and 1/2 hours of pulse-pounding excitement unleashed on your ears and imagination! And remember, WE pay the tax, and shipping is FREE! That's even less than you'd pay for the combined digital downloads of both products!

Already have "Spirit Blade"? Purchase "Dark Ritual" and you can give your FREE copy of "Spirit Blade" away as a Christmas gift!

Whether it's for you or the sci-fi/fantasy fan in your life, there's never been a better time to join the experience!

Check out this offer, in addition to our growing list of FREE downloads at !

Have a fun and purpose-filled Christmas, and don't forget... to Seek The Truth!

Take care,

Paeter Frandsen

Monday, November 24, 2008

John Carpenter's: The Thing

In my opinion, few movies stand the test of time like "John Carpenter's: The Thing". In the modern age of CGI, we see all kinds of terrible and fake-looking creatures. It's pretty clear when the actors are talking to a tennis ball and not an alien.

But before CGI, special effects wizards like Rob Bottin(The Howling, Legend) had to create animated puppets or intricate costumes to bring creatures to life. As a result, when you see the creature, you know the actors are seeing it, too. It's not a bunch of imaginary ones and zeroes. It's right there with the actors, covered in KY jelly to give it that look of slimy persperation you just can't get in CGI. And though there is still a "fakeness" to the effects, it still comes off as more real than many hollywood light shows brought to us by George Lucas.

Combine this with Bottin's wacked out creature designs and a constant sense of claustrophobia and paranoia, and you have a classic movie that is just what the promotional posters say: The ultimate in alien terror.

This is a movie that serves as something of an "initiation" into friendship with Paeter Frandsen. Most, but not all of my friends are subjected to this film the second or third time they hang out with me.

Tonight, I have the unique pleasure of having a friend over that I've known for years, but for some reason never got around to making him sit through this film. I've seen it so many times, that the greatest pleasure I get from it now is showing it to those who have never seen it. So tonight will be alot of fun.

Brace yourself, Jeff! For soon you shall encounter... The Thing!

In Search Of Truth, Acts 18:1-17


Paul now found himself in the city of Corinth, a metropolis that thrived economically and was culturally and spiritually diverse. It was also a city plagued with sin and even had a temple with 1000 sacred prostitutes. Much like modern America, it was a place of wealth, diversity and an "anything goes" attitude.

As a missionary with no local support structure in place, Paul made his living making tents with a married couple, while going to the local synagogue on weekends to try and persuade both Jews and Greeks of the truth about Jesus. When Silas and Timothy arrive, however, he is able to devote his full time to preaching and teaching.

Even with all the effort he invested, their came a point when his Jewish audience rejected his message so strongly that Paul gave up on them, leaving them with the consequences of their own choices to turn away from God. Paul did find success with the leader of the synagogue, his family and many of the other Corinthians.

Paul also received an incredible guarantee from Jesus in a vision: He should not be afraid to keep speaking. No man will harm him.

Imagine the kind of excitement and confidence Paul gained for the remainder of his time in Corinth! He was able to preach without fear! His safety from attack was a sure thing!

How much more effective could we be in living our lives for God if we choose to trust him and not spend time fearing the things that might happen to us?

Paul stayed in Corinth for a year and a half. Eventually, the Jews got together and forced Paul to stand trial before Gallio, the governor of Achaia (most of Greece). They tried to accuse Paul of promoting a religion not sanctioned by the government. Judaism was a religion protected by Roman tradition because of its ancient history. But if the Jews could prove that Paul’s beliefs were a new religion, it may have been outlawed by the government.

In another parallel to American culture, some people make room for every religious belief except for Christianity. Hopefully we will never see a time in America where parts of the Bible are considered so offensive that their public expression or recitation is outlawed. This could have been the case for Paul, but Gallio was unwilling to judge the case presented.

In verse 17, it’s unclear exactly what’s happening. It could be that the Jews were disciplining a Christian sympathizer, or beating their leader for getting them into trouble with Gallio. It may also be that local Greeks followed Gallio’s somewhat "anti-Jewish" lead and took to venting their own hatred on the Jew’s leader. (See the IVP Bible Background Commentary of the New Testament for more on this verse.)

Next week: Being empowered by correction.

Coffee House Question

Why do you think Christianity is sometimes singled out for criticism while other religions are left alone?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Deals and Pilgrim's "Progress"


It's been a busy week for me as I've been working hard to contact podcasts, trying to get the word out about "Dark Ritual". (There are a TON of Christian podcasts out there, but not many doing more than uploading Sunday Sermons.)

I've also had some time to start work on my second draft of "The Pilgrim's Progress: Similitude Of A Dream". I'm getting close to figuring out how the "world" will operate in this story, which is a big key to making the shift from allegory to symbolic fantasy.

As we ramp up for the Holiday season, we'll be launching a promo at next week that will make this the perfect time for new listeners to jump into the world of "Spirit Blade" and provide fans some stocking-stuffer options that give a lot of bang for your buck! Listen to the podcast this weekend for details, or check back here next week!

Have a great weekend!

-Paeter Frandsen

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Saolos Is Back!


Now that you've listened to "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual", start going behind the scenes with us as we discuss the major plot twists and reveals that took you by surprise!

I'm continuing our cast interview series by posting the 2nd half of my interview with Sean Anthony Roberts, the voice actor behind the creepilicious "Elder Saolos."

He spills the beans on the craziest and most surprising moments that I we just can't talk about unless you've listened to all of "Dark RItual"! What was he thinking when...? Did he ever feel uncomfortable doing...?

It's all in part 2 of my interview with Sean Anthony Roberts on the "Media" page of Or just paste this URL into your browser to go there now!


-Paeter Frandsen

Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Search Of Truth, Zacharias and Copan


Since we had no podcast over the weekend, I'm going to wait on moving forward with our usual look at the Bible and take the chance to highlight two books that have had a significant impact on my personal "quest for truth". Although I've enjoyed many more thought provoking books since reading these two, they are both memorable parts of my journey so far.

The first is a modern classic by Dr. Ravi Zacharias called, "Can Man Live Without God". This book deals not just with the natural consequences of not believeing in God, but also the consequences of not living in relationship to God. It has something to say in response to both Atheism and indifferent American pop-spirituality.

The book is broken into three major parts including: Antitheism Is Alive- And Deadly, What Gives Life Meaning? and Who Is Jesus (And Why Does It Matter?).

Ravi Zacharias has such an interesting perspective because he was raised in India to believe in Hinduism, yet found no concrete meaning or purpose in it and so eventually turned to the Bible.

Although his writing is not for the casual reader and will likely force an advancement in your vocabulary, this book has a wealth of insight to the popular philosophies of our culture.

You can find it cheap at:

The second book I want to highlight won't require as extensive a vocabulary, but it also won't let you check your brain at the door.

"True For You, But Not For Me" by Paul Copan, looks at 24 common phrases or questions that spring out of popular culture and leave Christians speechless. A few examples inlcude: That's true for you, but not for me. Who are you to judge others? Christians are intolerant of other viewpoints. Mahatma Gandhi was a saint if ever there was one. Jesus' followers fabricated the stories and sayings of Jesus. If Jesus is really the only way, what about... and the list goes on.

This is not a book geared toward helping anyone win a debate. It's not written in a mean-spirited or competitive way. It's designed to help the reader discern truth from untruth. Each of these phrases is presented a calm and rational counter-argument, demonstrating the false assumptions that most of them are based on.

You can find it cheap at:

I see two polarizations in philosophy today. Extreme naturalism begins with the biased assumption that nothing supernatural is possible. Extreme relativism believes in all kinds of supernatural ideas, but has no regard for concrete truth. So many Christians seem to be stuck in between, afraid to use their brains too much or too little. My response is, USE your brain! It CAN'T be used too much! Be open to every possibility, but demand measurable evidence for your conclusions.

These two books are a great way for anyone to begin incorporating their God given ability to reason into their spiritual lives.

-Paeter Frandsen

Friday, November 14, 2008

No Podcast/Need Your Ideas!


Hey Everybody,

Unfortunately there will be no podcast this weekend. I've got a nasty cold bug that has taken away most of my voice. My energy is up and I'm feeling on the mend otherwise, but my history with these kinds of colds tells me I won't have a functional voice for at least two or three more days.

The most I've been able to do this week is basically check my e-mail and update posts. Otherwise I've been on my butt in survival mode.

I know there are still many of you with great ideas on how I can get fans involved with spreading the word about "Dark Ritual". Some of you I've heard from already and it's been great. But others of you, and you know who you are, are keeping all your brainstorming ideas to yourself. Don't do that! I NEED your ideas! I am doing a ton of stuff on my own to get the word out and have even more planned. But I know there are some fans out there that would love to help. I just don't know what to tell them yet!

So I'd still love your ideas on how to get listeners involved with this.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend and don't forget to Seek The Truth!

-Paeter Frandsen

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Survival Mode


Hey Folks,

Here's a picture of me and Craig Herrman Jr. (the voice of David in "Dark Ritual") at the CD release party. Thanks for being a part of this project, Craig! You did a great job!

In other news, I'm effectively in "survival mode" on my butt today, aside from a few quick errands. Over the weekend I got hit with a nasty cold bug that doesn't want me to sleep at night. So I'm exhausted and speaking almost a minor third lower than usual. It's frustrating because this is the time that I want to do all I can to get the word out about "Dark Ritual", and it's about all I can do to just write this post.

I've gotten a few e-mails with suggestions on how to get fans involved in spreading the word about "Dark Ritual" and it's been great to hear from you. Thanks so much to those of you that have taken the time to send me your ideas. I know there are still a bunch of you with great ideas, and as I said before, I need them ALL! So please send me your thoughts. They are greatly valued.

Okay, that's about it for me. I've still got to squeeze out a post for "Paeter's Brain", so I better get to it before I'm completely spent.

See ya!

-Paeter Frandsen

Monday, November 10, 2008

House (Movie Review)

Although I've read and enjoyed a few of Frank Peretti's books, I've never read any of Ted Dekker's all the way through and did not read the novel "House" before seeing this movie based on it.

I went into the theater knowing the track record of "Christian" movies, and despite wanting this film to succeed I made every effort to treat it like any other movie of the horror genre (as it was marketed to be) without being too easy or too hard on it.

In short, while this movie had some good points to make, its potential message is overwhelmed by poor film-making.

First, the good. Despite having "Christian" origins, the costumes, make-up and coloring have a dark quality to them that fits the horror genre. The special effects do not attempt to set any records, but serve their purpose well and don't take anything away from the film. Rather, they add to the production value.

Unfortunately, we are already set to move on to the bad. I never became invested in the fate of these characters for a number of reasons. First, the script. Plot points and back story were presented, but the film did not allow these characters to develop. It informed us of who they were but didn't give time to help us feel what the characters were supposed to be feeling. I say "supposed to be feeling" because the acting fell short as well. One example: Although effort was made in the make-up department to make it look as if a female character had been crying (running make-up), the actress did not have the glistening yet bloodshot eyes needed to convince me of her emotional state. Throughout the film I watched a group of actors acting, but did not find myself drawn into their characters.

This film also follows the pattern in Christian fiction to take something successful in the mainstream and repackage it as "Christian" without presenting any new material of substance or creativity. I felt like I'd seen this movie a few times before. It pulls the little long-haired girl and color tinting from "The Ring", the family, sheriff, Leatherface and primary plot hook from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", and the trapped environment, character-condemning flashbacks and more color tinting from "Saw".

In fact, I'm willing to bet that the reason for its "R" rating is only because it contained the hallmarks of so many horror films. The MPAA must have thought, "Boy this feels like so many R movies we've seen before. It should probably be given an R for SOME reason." But by today's standards, this movie is really a PG-13. It contained a few creepy images, but nothing worse than "The Ring". The swearing was mild enough to be on evening network tv and very sparse on top of that. And although there were violent moments, the violence was always obscured by sets, props or cutaways. There is virtually no blood in this "horror film". While this makes it more "family friendly", I kinda doubt that's a key selling point for fans of the genre.

It has an interesting Christ metaphor near the end of the film that people may pick up on to various degrees. However, it results in a moment way too similar to the end of the first Matrix movie and feels much too heroic for this genre. The bad guy is "de-clawed" in a way that no villain in this genre should be.

Speaking of metaphors, this film scores higher in Veracity than it does in quality. In addition to a strong Christ/Salvation metaphor, we also see a comment on modern spiritism. At one point in the film an imposter of one of the characters attempts to deceive the others and uses knowledge of private personal information to try and convince them of his identity. Today, mediums may validate their perception of the afterlife by displaying knowledge of personal details conveyed to them by a "ghost" of a deceased friend or relative. This brief "imposter" moment in this film points out that intimate knowledge of our lives may also be possessed by spirits that wish to deceive us, and cannot be used as objective proof that the mediums perception of the afterlife is accurate.

In the end, these metaphors will likely only be appreciated by the few "play it safe" Christians that fool themselves into thinking this movie is good simply because it was developed by Christian thinkers and has no objectionable material in their opinion.

A friend of mine once said that he told someone "The Omega Code" was a terrible movie. This person responded, "Well maybe, but at least it's glorying God." To which my friend replied, "Ma'am, there is nothing glorifying to God in bad art."

Although I can't recommend this movie to fans of the horror genre, I do hope that the "family friendly/bubble-world/play it safe" Christians will give this movie a try. It will give them a "safe" entrance to the genre and will hopefully open their minds to the horror/thriller/sci-fi genres and their potential use to do and say things of value. This movie has little or nothing to offer fans of horror or good films in general. But I hope it may at least open the minds of a few Christians to enjoy other movies in this and other genres like it.

Rated R for some violence and terror

Quality: 6.0/10

Veracity: 8.0/10

In Search Of Truth, 2nd Thessalonians 3:1-18


Paul begins to close up this short letter with a request for prayer. He first asks for the word of the Lord to spread rapidly and be "glorified", to be honorably recognized for what it truly is. Paul also asks for prayer that they he and his companions would be "delivered from perverse and evil men, for not all have faith."

The implication here is that some people who appear to be "Christians" are actually serving their own agendas in the "Christian Community".

But Paul says that, by contrast, God is faithful. The Greek word here for "faithful" means trustworthy, among other things. God has a proven record that makes him worth trusting in. He's the world's safest bet.

In verse 4 and 5, Paul expresses confidence in the growth and developing spiritual maturity of the Thessalonians, praying that God will further direct their love and increase their ability to stand firm in what they have learned.

Beginning in verse 6, Paul deals with the topic of idle people. Christians who, for various reasons, were not working. These people were living off of the work of others and even using their free time to stick their noses where they don't belong.

Although they had the right to be supported by those they led and taught, Paul and his companions chose to work for their own food, setting an example for those they led. This is powerful leadership and a trait to look for in any church leader. But it shouldn't be limited to our leaders. If we really want to teach truth to others, we should be the first to examine our own lives and line them up with what we are saying.

Paul says that the Thessalonians should "withdraw" from these idle people(v. 6), adding the command for these "busybodies" to "work in quiet fashion and eat their own bread."(v.12) Working in "quiet fashion" doesn't mean we all have to literally become silent. Paul is contrasting this with the pointless "hustle and bustle" that looked like a lot of activity but produced nothing. Paul wants for these people to stop drawing attention to themselves and learn to contribute in a practical way.

Being in a community with a bunch of flawed people that annoy or offend us can be tough. God knows this better than anybody, so Paul says "do not grow weary of doing good." (v.13) Even though it's tough, the Thessalonians were asked to not associate with people that were unwilling to obey what they heard from Paul. But at the same time, they weren't supposed to be treated as an outcast or enemy. But warned sharply, in the context of genuine love and concern.

We very often get one or the other of these ingredients, don't we? We either choose to love everyone and accept all forms of behavior, or we sharply warn, using strong words a little affection. It's much easier to use one tactic or the other. The challenge is to combine both, which at the outset seem mutally exclusive. But just because finding that mingling of the two is tough, doesn't mean the two aren't compatible.

Over and over again, the Bible presents a way of living that doesn't allow us to "settle into" an extreme philosophy. We're asked to constantly balance our actions and evaluate our words and motives. Our minds have to be engaged at all times. There's no room for "doctrinal auto-pilot" in the Biblical Christian's life.

Paul ends this letter by writing with his won hand. In most of his letters we can assume that one of his companions took dictation from Paul. But Paul like to sign his letters personally so that his audience could trust their reliability.

This is another fascinatinjg aspect of Biblical Christianity. It invites logical investigation. God wants you to examine the evidence and verify the credibility of the Bible. I think we often put all religious texts on an equal playing field, assuming that they are equally valid. But do we ask ourselves where each of these religious texts came from? Who wrote them? What are the credentials of the authors. What evicence do they give to support their claims? Have these texts been reliably preserved through history?

The Bible invites this form of investigation, but how often do we ask for evidence that the Koran(Islam) or the Vedas(Hinduism) are reliable sources of information about the true nature of reality? If we really want to know what's really real, shouldn't we ask for real, testable evidence?

Paul didn't want the Thessalonians to believe just any philosophy. He wanted them to learn the truth. And so he made it a priority to make his letter identifiable as legitimate so that there would be no confusion about what is the truth and what is not. Spirituality sounds nice, but to deal with the real issues of life, death and everything afterward, we need truth that is just as real and verifiable.

Next Week

The adventures of Paul continue in Acts Chapter 18!

Coffee House Question

In the social circles you most often travel in, do people lean more toward accepting all forms of behavior, or coming down too hard on each other?

Friday, November 7, 2008

My To Do's and The Pilgrim's Progress


I've got a list of "To Do's" made up to help get the word out about "Dark Ritual", but I still need to hear from you guys! I'm looking for a way to get fans involved in getting the word out and I'm fresh out of ideas! So I'd love to get yours!

As for the next release, as some of you already know I'm beginning a fantasy adventure series based on "The Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan. So that we can release material more often, I will be producing this series in shorter segments (about 60 minutes at a time). The Pilgrim's Progress will also not include any songs, at least not in the same way we use them in the Spirit Blade trilogy. In some ways this will shorten production time, but since I'm also working on a music CD release, I'll still be dividing my attention some. (More on that later.)

I've finished adapting about half of the original work, which is plenty to make the first installment from. So for now I will make some notes on the rest of the original work and then focus my attention on further the developing the rough draft script I have for the first chapter of "Pilgrim", which, if you've seen our production schedule at, you'll note that it is called "Similitude Of A Dream".

I'm hoping to be done with the script for this chapter and begin casting for the project sometime this spring. I will of course keep you updated as we get closer so that anyone interested in auditioning will be able to.

Well, that's it for now. Don't forget to give me your ideas on how we can all spread the word about "Dark Ritual!"

-Paeter Frandsen

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Megaphone Now that "Dark Ritual" is finished and available, I head once again into the murky fog ridden waters of "Marketing". Over the next month or so, I will try to create some method by which people can hear about "Dark Ritual" and give that free 40 minute download a try.

(If you haven't checked it out yet, jump over to!)

I confess, this is my least favorite part of running a small business and basically wearing all the hats. (Except for crunching numbers and doing tax stuff. My wife does that.)

Where is my audience? Who is my audience? I know who I'm aiming at, but are they the ones actually interested?

Sometimes I imagine handing this marketing stuff off to a "marketing person", but guess what? You gotta pay that marketing person. It seems to be a snake biting it's own tail. For a business to make money, it has to have money. So as much as I'd love to have someone else do this stuff, this company is still in its infancy, and grass roots/word-of-mouth campaigns are about all we have.

That and YOUR creative ideas! Here is my call to all you blog-readers and podcast listeners! How can I mobilize fans of Spirit Blade Productions over the next two months to help me get the word out about Dark Ritual? How can I get that 40 minute preview into as many ears as possible?  I've already posted on the online forums that I am regularly a part of, pointing them to the free download. To plug it more myself would qualify as spamming, and I hate spam as much as anybody. So what's an idea that I can present to fans that will allow them to be a part of building the audience for Spirit Blade Productions and "Dark Ritual"?

This is SO not my strength, and I really need your help! Post your thoughts here or e-mail me at NO idea is too stupid to mention! I want them all!

As always, thanks for your support and for being a part of this truth-seeking journey with me.

I look forward to hearing from each of you!

-Paeter Frandsen

Monday, November 3, 2008



Hello Spirit Blade Fans!

The moment has finally arrived! SPIRIT BLADE: DARK RITUAL is now available at!

This project represents a huge jump forward for me as an artist. I've already heard many times from my test listeners how the overall quality of DARK RITUAL far surpasses what we accomplished with the original SPIRIT BLADE audio drama. I've grown a lot as an audio producer and songwriter, and I'm excited to share that with you through SPIRIT BLADE: DARK RITUAL!

SPIRIT BLADE: DARK RITUAL is available in a 3 Disc set for $12.99 (FREE shipping in the U.S.) or as a digital download for only $9.99. This epic project has a running time of over 3 hours and will immerse you into the world of SPIRIT BLADE like never before! If you're looking for something to make that drive to work, or that exercise routine a lot more bearable, SPIRIT BLADE: DARK RITUAL may be just the thing you need!

With plenty of sci-fi and fantasy action, you'll discover a story that takes you on a mind-bending journey, while also probing issues of faith, tradition, religion and truth. Are these things ever harmful? How can we know what is true? SPIRIT BLADE: DARK RITUAL approaches these issues with an "unchurchy" yet truth-centered attitude, while delivering an audio-cinematic experience like nothing you'll find anywhere else! (Please note: This audio drama contains sequences of intense violence and subject matter and is recommended for ages 16 and older.)

If you can't wait to get your CD set in the mail, or just want to take this thing for a test drive before making a purchase, you can download the first 40 MINUTES of SPIRIT BLADE: DARK RITUAL for FREE in CD quality mp3 audio at! Once there, you'll also find several "behind the scenes" audio cast interviews and features about the making of DARK RITUAL in the "Media" section that you can download and enjoy for FREE! We will continue to update the "Media" page with new content every month over the next 12 months, continuing to take you deeper into the world of SPIRIT BLADE!

Given these difficult economic times, I know that there are many choices you have regarding how you spend your money. I want you to know how much I appreciate your support, and hope you'll continue to pray for me and Spirit Blade Productions even if you can't afford to make a purchase right now.

Thanks for your support and for being a part of this journey with us! Your prayers and purchases always take a very small company like ours one step closer to that next inspired idea, or that next sound effects purchase! You're a vital component that makes all of this possible and I want you to hear a resounding THANK YOU from me as we launch into this next phase of the journey!

Have a great week and remember, in all things, to Seek The Truth!

-Paeter Frandsen

Sunday, November 2, 2008

In Search Of Truth, 2 Thessalonians 2:11-17


According to the Bible, there are times when God honors our choices, even when they are not in our best interest. An example of that is here in verse 11. In verses 9 and 10, Paul is explaining what the Man Of Lawlessness will do and how he will mislead people. Those who don't "love the truth" (v.10) will, as a result, never choose to trust in Jesus and be saved. In response to this, God gives them the alternative they are looking for, allowing them to follow through on their desire to do what they want, instead of seeking what is true. However the consequences for those who don't embrace the truth, are beyond terrifying. (v.11-12)

In verse 12, we see an implication about truth. Paul contrasts believing truth with taking pleasure in wickedness. He might have said "believing a lie" instead, but I believe he decided to express the RESULT of believing lies. If we do not pursue truth, we will base our life decisions on ideas and philosophies that are not true and that lead us away from God. We will actually begin to take pleasure in evil things. Notice that Paul doesn't say that believing truth means we will not have pleasure. He says that not believing truth results in taking pleasure in the wrong things.

Although the picture painted here is one of those who never believe in Jesus, we can also see how neglecting truth can effect Christians. When we are mad at someone and secretly enjoy seeing them in pain or "getting what they deserve", we've forgotten that God loves that person more than we can imagine, and that we have offended God many times in the same way they have offended us. In that scenario, we've forgotten truth and as a result, are enjoying the wrong things.

In verse 13, we get a few bits of information about this mysterious cosmic transaction called "salvation". We know that we are saved from eternal punishment as a result of our trust in Jesus. (John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10) But here we also see that those who are saved were "chosen" by God to be saved. This mystery of "choice" is one that theologians are still scratching their heads over. The Bible clearly teaches personal responsibility for our actions. (Why give commands if we have no choice to obey or disobey?) So choice, as we understand it, clearly exists.

And yet we have to compare that thought to verses like:

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails.

Proverbs 20:24 A man's steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand his own way?

Proverbs 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.

This is a great mind-bender to study, but for now we have to move on.

Verse 13 also says that our salvation happens through the process of sanctification and through having faith(or trust) in the truth. Salvation is a broad term in the New Testament. Depending on context, it can mean freedom from eternal punishment, freedom from the power that sin has in our lives today, or ultimate freedom from all presence of sin, which believers in Christ will experience in eternity. In verse 13, Paul is emphasizing the freedom from the power of sin in our lives today, which happens as the result of the Holy Spirit's sanctification (setting apart for God) of our lives. This is a process that begins and continues in our lives. It is something we have to allow the Holy Spirit to do. As a result, some will experience more sanctification than others. Eventually, however, all those who trust in Christ will be completely sanctified when they are in the presence of God.

This end result of being perfected by God, is the reason God called those who believe in him. (v. 14) But as we just saw, sanctification is a process that begins now, which is why Paul tells them in verse 15 to remain committed to what they've learned from him. Sanctification will usually mean some discomfort on our part as we learn and grow. And so Paul ends this chapter by praying that God will give comfort and strength to their hearts(our weakest part, according to Jeremiah 17:9) as they work to obey God and share the truth. (v. 17)

Next Week: Chapter 3!

Coffee House Question

Why do you think the Bible's emphasis on "Truth" is ignored or even considered offensive by some people?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Phone Number Correction!


Sorry Everybody!

I'm a huge goofball and made a typo with that phone number to call to leave a message for the "Dark Ritual" release. It's been corrected on the blog and here it is:

Dial- 1-712-432-8828.

When prompted, Enter Code: 8613216#

Record Me A Message!

So I hope you'll forgive me and still leave a message. In fact, you can feel free to give me a hard time about my screw-up when you do!

Have a great weekend!