If you'd like to support what we're doing and help ensure that we can keep on doing it, we will gratefully accept any donation amount you'd like to give. Use the donation button below to choose and donate any amount.

Spirit Blade Insider Subscription ($5/month, cancel any time)

As a special "Thank You" for those who want to financially support us on an ongoing basis, we've created the "Spirit Blade Insider" program. For five dollars a month, you can become a "Spirit Blade Insider" and gain exclusive access to "Paeter's Brain", an audio journal by Paeter Frandsen revealing the ups and downs, the frustration and excitement, and all the little (or big!) surprises that come with running Spirit Blade Productions! (Currently, this also includes clips of recording sessions and "mixing in progress" for Spirit Blade 3!)

Paeter records journal entries multiple times every month. Near the beginning of each month, Spirit Blade Insiders receive an e-mail containing links to listen to and/or download and keep the files if they wish.

Learn how you can pray for Paeter and Spirit Blade Productions, and get access to exclusive, super-secret information along the way! Become a Spirit Blade Insider today!

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Download Sample Editions Of "Paeter's Brain"(June 2012)

June 2012, Part 1, Intro And Criticism
June 2012, Part 2, Prometheus And Card Game
June 2012, Part 3, Volunteers And My Photo Shoot
June 2012, Part 4, Reviewing Movies And Work Frustrations
June 2012, Part 5, Changing Perspective And Adjusting Expectations

Why Are We Inviting Donations?

Our aspirations are always equal to or greater than our income. There is so much that we would like to offer to the world of Christian geeks, but time and finances are a constant limitation.

Current Needs (Updated April 2015):

We would like to increase the quality of our ongoing video content on the Christian Geek Central Youtube channel, which will require a better video camera and eventually lighting equipment as well. In addition, each month Paeter usually reviews several movies and sometimes video games (that he would otherwise wait to see/play for less money, or not see/play at all) in order to produce timely and helpful  reviews. (Tickets are between $5-$8 for each movie, game rentals are around $3.50) Our hosting costs for the website and podcast together are about $25 per month.

It's also Paeter's desire to financially support his family and allow his wife to cut back and eventually eliminate her need to work. Since 2006, Holly Frandsen has sacrificially chosen to work a job she would rather not. She exclusively provides income for the Frandsen family because she believes in the vision and mission of Spirit Blade Productions. It is only because of this that Spirit Blade Productions has been able to continue and move forward since launching in 2006.

Our Commitment

At Spirit Blade Productions, we believe that supporting your local church should be the primary focus of your giving. We are also not a non-profit organization, and cannot offer tax deductions as incentive for your help. But we would be grateful for any support you choose to offer outside of your regular church giving, and will use every penny donated to equip, encourage and inspire Christian geeks to serve and live for Christ.