Friday, July 2, 2010

New Behind The Scenes Feature and Forum Launch!


Busy week! I've remixed Merikk's encounter with the mysterious Messenger as well as his plummet onto a random family's hover-cruiser! Forgot how funny Joy Currie is in that scene! I was crackin' up now that I can actually enjoy how the rest of it sounds!

But there are two new things for YOU to enjoy this week, too!

The first is a 30 minute audio special feature called "Behind The Songs Of Spirit Blade". I take you through every song in Spirit Blade, showcasing a bunch of old audio clips (featuring never before heard audio including clips from the live show!) to demonstrate how far these songs have come since they were first conceived. It's a strange and often embarrassing look at my creative ideas, but if you've been enjoying the new Spirit Blade Song Bundle I'm sure you'll find it very interesting!

You can download it now for free on The Media Page! 

The second exciting bit of news is the launch of The Spirit Blade Underground Forums!

This is a brand new community for fans of Spirit Blade Productions and Christian Geeks everywhere to hang out, talk and explore ideas together! Be sure to stop by and say hi!

I'll see you there!

-Paeter Frandsen

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