Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mixing Scenes and Prepping The Forums!


Halfway through the week and as usual it feels like there are not enough hours in the day!

While finishing up "Dark Ritual" and the entire time I worked on "Similitude Of A Dream", I looked forward to creating a Special Edition remix of Spirit Blade. After more than two long years of keeping it on the back burner, I'm finally able to work on it and move forward with the fixes and remixes that have been haunting my mind more often than you can possibly know.

I've also discovered the unique opportunity to make a few (and I do mean just a few) minor changes to the script. At least as far as Ebony or Merikk's lines go. No major tampering, but a few minor tweaks here and there and a few brand new lines that I think will clarify story elements and bring character to the forefront just a little bit more.

In one sense, starting work on this project is like heating up leftovers. But in another sense it's like working on a brand new project. And without so many of the monotonous details at the beginning that make starting a project an uphill battle!

Meanwhile, I'm also working with a couple of Spirit Blade community volunteers to launch the Spirit Blade Underground Forums! The site looks great and everything is almost ready. I hope to launch the forums by this weekend, but I will make an announcement here to let everyone know for sure when we launch. I hope you'll come by and say "hi" and connect with me or some other like-minded folks!

Well, back to work! The night is young and Spirit Blade won't remix itself!

-Paeter Frandsen

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