Friday, April 2, 2010

T-Shirt Contest!


Hey Folks,

I've been brewing up an idea for some "Spirit Blade Productions" t-shirts that I think would be cool, though my graphic designer has his hands full right now. But if you're handy with graphic images, you might get yours for free!

Those participating in this contest have until the end of April to send me their submissions. Here's the deal:

I know conceptually what I want, but need someone else to bring it to life. The concept is simple, quirky and attention getting. The image I'm looking for is a stacked addition math problem. It has a "Christian Fish" symbol at the top, a retro 1930's-1950's space ship or flying saucer below that and a dragon at the bottom. Then of course you've got the long horizontal line dividing the problem and the solution and a plus sign off to the left indicating an addition problem. Below the line, as the answer to our math problem, is "". (no "www")

So when someone looks at this unusual shirt, the idea is that they will put together the following in their mind:

"Christian + science fiction + fantasy ="

All images should be simple "clip art" type symbols. Nothing complicated. Just enough to be indentifiable. And the complete design should be using only the color white. My plan is to put this on a dark blue shirt.

I will take my three favorite submissions and test them out on several online t-shirt printing websites, so it may be handy to test it on two or three yourself(not actually printing any of course) before submitting to me so that you can see if it is compatible with the formats typically requested by these sites.

I'll use the winning design to make our t-shirts and the top three submitting designers will get one sent to them free!

Submissions (and any questions) can be sent to- paeter(at)spiritblade(dot)net. (Please note that all submissions become the sole property of Spirit Blade Productions.)

I could really use your help! You've got until the end of April to be a part of Spirit Blade Productions history, and get our first T-shirt before anyone else! For free!

Thanks and good luck!



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