Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spirit Blade: The Musical Comedy!


Well, I've been dropping hints about the "Secret Project" coming from Spirit Blade Productions for several months now and I'm finally ready to let the cat out of the bag!

I have long been a fan of classic musical comedies like "Hello Dolly" and "The Music Man". What makes them so great is that everyone is always smiling! And even when they are sad or angry, it's all in good clean fun.

Over the years I've seen a tremendous shortage of family-friendly Christian entertainment. There just doesn't seem to be anything safe for me and my loved ones to enjoy together. So for the last several months I have been secretly toiling away at developing "Spirit Blade: The Musical Comedy"!

The story will pick up where "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual" left off and involve several hilarious rag-time numbers at the beginning to get things started. In the second act, Raan will be cured of his cyberneticism and Ebony will become an emotionally healthy Christian just in time for the two of them to be married. Vincent and Merikk will have hot cocoa and talk over their differences and then share a very warm hug with Saolos. Best of all, everyone will stop using all those offensive fictional cuss-words that I'm pretty sure the Bible speaks out against.

The nice folks we thought were dead turn out to be alive and the bad people all say they are sorry and humbly go to jail. The bad news is that the Sheida are still bad. But the good news is at the very end, Merikk wakes up and finds out it was all a dream. He is actually not in the future and instead lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where he teaches children's Sunday school using a flannel graph.

Well, I better get back to work! I can't wait to share this with all of you!



  1. If only it weren't today i would so buy this. Unless its a red herring and this really is the secret project!

  2. Man . . . I was so angry when I read this. I read it outloud to my wife just now and she asked, "Was it written on April Fools"?
    Wheeew. That was close.
    (Unless of course you're serious, in which case I'll be sure to eat my words and bask in your brilliance).

  3. Sleep well, Nathan. I was just having some fun. Nearly everything in that post reflects the exact opposite of what I believe or enjoy and what I have planned for the Spirit Blade Universe. But it was fun messing with everybody! Heehee!

  4. LOL I total figure it out pretty early on. Great joke

  5. Thanks, Ricky! Such a shame April first comes but once a year...