Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Will "House" Open A Door?


This November, the supernatural thriller by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, "House", will be coming to theatres. I've seen a couple different trailers and haven't been blown away, but I am pretty curious.

The acting and filming skills demonstrated in the trailer feel a little "student filmy" at times, but the budget looks decent for an independent film.

I have a few different hopes for this movie, for a few different reasons.

I hope it's a good story, told well. Just a quality movie, y'know? We've seen so much crap in the cinema made by Christians, I'd love for this to swerve away from that pattern and be a film that mainstream or secular thinkers can enjoy.

Second, and this is a bit selfish, I hope that it is a film embraced by the mainstream Christian community. It's sad that some Christians will boycott Harry Potter but rave about Lord Of The Rings simply because Tolkien was a professing Christian. It shows a lack of discernment, I think, for Christians to support something simply because it was birthed by a Christian creator, assuming it is safe for their consumption.

However, if "House" does well, it may provide an open door for Christian creators like myself (who don't sterilize their work) to reach an audience of Christians that normally think of all Christian entertainment as "family friendly."

So I'm not holding my breath, but put me down for a hopeful "we'll see."

-Paeter Frandsen


  1. Have you read this book, Paeter? It was OK -- a bit cliche, and I geussed what was happening -- but I could see it working as a movie.
    Have you seen the prior adaptation of a Peretti novel, "The Visitation?" It fell apart a little bit at the end, but that happens with a lot of films. Again, it was OK.
    Here's hoping they put together a high-quality product this time.

  2. Nope. Haven't read any Peretti since "The Visitation". Didn't see that movie though. The trailer shots looked cheap, and casting a country music star wins no points with me.
    Thanks for the info! We'll see if they can make something good out of this.