Friday, May 18, 2007

Web Stuff and "Dark Ritual" Music!

This week was a big week for us! We launched a new website and TWO new blogs and Paeter is close to narrowing down where all the songs will be placed in "Dark Ritual".

The story in "Dark Ritual" explores some elements of church history and so we are adjusting our music choices to fit some of that theme. A sizeable amount of music in "Dark Ritual" will be in some way adapted or inspired by ancient hymns and music of the church.

The research process has been meticulous and purposeful. We are avoiding the use of popular or easily recognized hymns (so you won't hear electronic versions of "Amazing Grace" or "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God") in favor of using songs that are long forgotten (even by "traditional" Christians) and relevant to our story and characters. Hopefully every song will be new to everyone that listens!

The challenge we've set for ourselves is to give a sense, through text, of some of the ancient mystery and wonder of our faith, while at the same time re-writing melodies and harmonic structures to create a sound that is anything but traditional. The mood throughout much of "Dark Ritual" is, appropriately, dark and the musical composition will reflect that.

That's all for now! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Paeter! Just from your brief intro, I'm already looking forward to hearing the music on this one. Your songs are my favorite parts in Spirit Blade.