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Hi everybody!

Been keeping busy today doing musical research for "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual", but I thought I'd take a break and yammer here for a bit.

Although Mondays will be the day for our walk through scripture and Fridays will be our update days here at The Underground, I plan to swing by every Wednesday and make sure you all know I'm still alive. Beyond that I'm not sure exactly what I'll be writing here each week, but I suppose that's part of the fun!

This week, though, I want to make sure you all see the link for "E-Sword" at the bottom right of this page. I would HIGHLY recommend you check this software out! I downloaded an earlier version a few years ago and loved it, and I just recently (today in fact) downloaded the newest version. It's Bible study software made by a professional programmer with a desire to teach the truth of scripture.

I'm still amazed that this software and so many of it's supplements on the E-Sword website are free!

The most exciting things for me are all the free Bible commentaries that you can download to use with this software.

If you have a study Bible of some kind already, you know how helpful it can be to have some good insight to scripture you're reading. I've used some of the commentaries you can get with this software to prepare for group Bible studies, or just for my own learning and growth. It's a great tool.

A wide array of Bible translations are available on the E-Sword site for you to download and have right there on your screen. You can also easily pull up multiple translation of a single passage of scripture to instantly compare translations. (Sometimes, just having a couple translations on hand has helped me understand scripture better than anything.)

I also found the software pretty user friendly (and I'm not very computer literate) after playing with it for just a few minutes.

If you're thinking of purchasing a study Bible, I'd still get one. Many of the free commentaries of the entire Bible available here were written awhile back and still have an old-english flavor to them that, while scholastic and intelligent, can be a little dry when you're looking for relevant life application, and not just head knowledge. Also, there are a few commentaries, translations and features that are not free, but if you want them, they are very reasonably priced.

All that to say that for free software, there is no comparison. Although it may not rank with some programs that run a few hundred dollars, I can say from personal experience that it's not too far behind, and most won't notice the difference.

So if you're ready to jump into the spiritual journey God has for you, I'd very seriously consider getting this software.

Follow the link and check it out! What have you got to lose that clicking "Uninstall" won't fix?

See ya!


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