Friday, June 15, 2012

FearNet (The Summer Of Free)

In Celebration of "The Summer Of Free", we're highlighting 100% free, 100% legal geek entertainment options on The Spirit Blade Underground Podcast. This week, I'm showcasing

Feeling that itch to rent a movie, but you just don't feel like spending even a buck at Redbox? Or maybe you'd like to cancel your netflix subscription for just a few months to save a little cash. If you're a horror movie fan, I've got a great option for you!

If you're a Cox cable subscriber, you may have heard of Fearnet already, but you don't need to have cox cable to watch some of the free movies they make available. Every Monday they make a new set of three horror movies available to watch online.

Some movies are the cheap B-horror movies you'd expect. But they also feature horror classics and great modern horror flicks like "The Descent" and "Saw". (Yes, they're actually playing through all of them right now, but the first was the only REALLY good one, right?)

It seems that all movies have a hi-def viewing option, also free. So if you have an HDMI cable to go from your laptop to your flat-screen TV and home theater, this is some seriously rockin' free entertainment value!

I've discovered a few little gems through FearNet, and also saved money while doing it! So turn out the lights and enjoy some monsters, blood and terror on your PC... for FREE!

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