Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Days And Productivity

It's a miracle!

The summer has begun at the Frandsen household, which means both of our boys are home and full of energy. For a guy who tries to do much of his work at home throughout the day, the thought of this season is something I have dreaded. "Prepare to watch your productivity plummet, Paeter. Just assume that you won't make much progress on AWOS ("Spirit Blade: A World Of Shadows") until August."

What I wasn't prepared for was the social dynamic between my boys, and how it's actually helping me to get MORE mixing time into my schedule than I had during the school year with only our youngest at home most days.

Our youngest boy is the extrovert of the family. This means that unless he is interacting with someone, he's not happy for long. Which makes being alone with him all day very challenging if I hope to get any work done.

By contrast, our older boy is more like me. Highly imaginative and content to play by himself much of the time. When I only have him to worry about, keeping up with my work day isn't too difficult.

With our oldest now home from school, the little guy has someone else he can suck the life from *Ahem!* I mean- PLAY with. And when our oldest prefers to play alone, The Destroyer (as we often call our youngest) is often content with his new favorite hobby... playing in water!

So the water bill from our sprinkler may be on the rise, but so is my productivity on AWOS, to which I've so far been able to dedicate at least 1 MORE hour per day than what is normal during the school year. And often even more than that!

I'm sure the schedule will require tweaking as the summer moves forward, but this is a VERY encouraging and exciting development!

For those curious, I'm currently mixing scene 9 out of 38 (not 39, as I thought last time), which means that when I'm done with the current scene I'll be 1/4th of the way through the project! That might seem like a small slice, but for me it means I'm about halfway to halfway! Woohoo!

Here's hoping this momentum will continue!

-Paeter Frandsen

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