Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Troll Hunter (Movie Review)

Review by Ken From Honolulu

Made in 2010

A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings. But they learn there are much more dangerous things going on. They start following a mysterious hunter, but learn he is actually a troll hunter.

 This movie is a Norwegian film and is filmed in Norwegian. It is subtitled so you need to read the movie. There isn’t much dialogue, so it is easy to follow. You have to really watch, though, because there is a lot of visual stuff going on.

This is one of those "found footage" type documentary films, like the Blair Witch Project. Generally I’m not a fan of this type of film, but this one is really good.

Whoever did the casting for the film did a great job. The troll hunter is an older grizzled guy who is not very good looking. He is tired of his job and looks it. The younger people are supposed to be college students and they look it as well.

This movie takes place over several weeks or months. It is supposed to be late winter, early spring, so the landscape is bleak and desolate. It is obviously cold because everyone is wearing heavy coats.
It is also filmed with a blueish gray filter so it gives the film a bleak look.

They do some troll mythology. One of the things about the trolls is that they are very big. The full grown ones are 60 feet tall. The trolls have territories they are supposed to stay in. The government knows about them and has set up fences that look like high power electrical transmission lines. They also do the billy goat gruff type of thing, with the goat on the bridge as bait and the troll under it.

When they leave the area the government calls the troll hunter. If he can’t get them back in he kills them. He uses very bright light, like a sunlight lamp. His truck is covered with them and he carries a hand held one that looks like a shotgun.

This is kind of an anti-christian movie. The troll hunter asks the students if they are Christian. They say no. One of them is and gets killed because the trolls can smell Christians.

The trolls are CG. It is fairly decent. There is no sex or cussing.

The movie is well made and fun to watch. There is a lot to talk about that is in the movie. Such as if being a Christian is a bad thing and being a Muslim is not. Also it presents a new way of thinking about trolls.

Quality 7.5/10

Relevance 6.0/10

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