Thursday, September 27, 2012

Off To RinCon!

You may have noticed that I released this week's podcast a little early this week. And that's because I'm off to RinCon this weekend, an annual game convention here in Arizona.

It's been since GenCon 2008 that I've been to ANY kind of game convention, and I've been chomping at the bit all summer.

With the help of some extended family in Tucson, I'll be making the two hour drive and staying in town for the con all weekend long, getting back Sunday evening.

I'm signed up to play mostly board games, which surprised me a little bit. But this is partly because these days I'm more likely to find people to play board games with rather than full-on paper and pencil RPGs. I'm also "on the hunt" this weekend for my "next favorite board game". I've been saving money all summer so that I can come home after this weekend with one, or maybe even two great games. As of now, I've got my eye on Mage Knight the board game, Descent 2nd Edition, and grabbing a few Heroclix singles. But I know there are a TON of games I've never heard of, so I'm wide open for something new to blow my mind!

If I'm not too busy geeking out, I'll try to record a few segments for the podcast. But don't hold me to that. The lure of non-stop gaming may be too strong!

I'll be back here on Monday! Catch you then!

-Paeter Frandsen

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