Friday, February 11, 2011

Brent Weeks Interview!

Both parts of my unprecedented interview with Brent Weeks are available to listen to right now!

For the first time in an interview, New York Times Bestselling fantasy author Brent Weeks openly talks about his Christian faith and the role it plays in his writing.

Use the links or audio players below for a revealing look at Brent Weeks and his approach to combining his Christian faith with dark, unsterilized fantasy fiction. (Audio from The Spirit Blade Underground Podcast)

Download Interview, Part 1

Play Interview Part 1-

Download Interview, Part 2

Play Interview Part 2-

Review of The Night Angel Trilogy (Written Review)

Download Audio Review of The Night Angel Trilogy

Play "The Night Angel Trilogy" Review-


  1. I'm clicking on the Part 2 link, but only part 2 is playing from the main page. The podcast has to be downloaded and can't be streamed from the main page :(

  2. Sorry for the trouble you ran into on the podcast page. I'll do some checking to see if Libsyn has any solutions to the bug. (Never encountered that one before.) In the meantime, if you'd prefer to stream instead of download, you can right click on the download link for that episode and select "open link in a new window". You should be immediately directed to a page with a player streaming that episode.

    Sorry again!


  3. Just an update. I've changed the links so that instead of taking you to the podcast page, you can either download the podcast episodes OR listen to them in embedded audio players straight from this page. Hope that simplifies things a bit! Enjoy!


  4. Glad I stopped by for this interview. I so appreciated what you and Brent both shared. I'll have to write him a note...the Christian themes don't go unnoticed! He's doing a great job. And I appreciate what you shared about "unsterilized" entertainment. So nice to hear someone talk about that. If you ever get a chance, swing by my blog. I'd love to see what you think of it.

  5. I wish more people would not only listen to this but write fantasy the way Brent Weeks did with the Night Angel Trilogy. I am a huge fan of the trilogy and I am a young author currently working on my own fantasy trilogy. I started the series about four years ago with a sort of Lord of the Rings type feel, but written in a modern way. Then I read the Night Angel trilogy. I was re-inspired to re-vamp my trilogy adding more religious aspects but giving it a more gritty feel where the characters are faced with life-changing experiences constantly, and even sometimes life-ending experiences. Much like the Night Angel trilogy, not everyone you like is going to make it to the end. Except maybe a few more people die. I was also insipired to make the main character an assassin who is given the choice to give up his life as a killer and embrace prophecies written over the course of ages, but later in the trilogy has to use many of his traits he learned as an assassin and even kill some of his allies. I listened to this interview because I, myself, am a Christian and I was wondering what Mr. Weeks had to say about his faith. I did have a hunch he was a Christian because of the symbolism in his story, but I wondered if he jsut used Christianity as a template for a prominate religion in his works. I am glad to know that he is, and it is quite a cool story that he went from athiest to Christian and how it inspired his wors.