Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Busy Week!

It's been a VERY busy week so far, and it doesn't look like I'll be relaxing for a while yet.

For the fifth year in a row I'm leading a caroling ministry I started at our church, collecting baked goods and money and coordinating volunteer carolers to visit people that our caring ministry has identified as needing some encouragement.

The response for baked goods has been pretty sparse compared to previous years, which means I'm doing a LOT more baking and also putting the gift baskets (gift bags, this year) together. 21 in total.

So Spirit Blade Productions is turning into a strictly part-time job this week as this personal ministry takes over. I'm answering e-mails and managing to get the blog posts out, but that's about it!

Ooh! Just remembered that I may have some driving to do right now to pick up some baked goods.


-Paeter Frandsen

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