Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Questions For Randy and Tully! (Vincent and Raan!)

RandyHesson TullyCropped

In anticipation of the release of the Special Edition of Spirit Blade, I've asked Randy Hesson (Vincent Craft) and Michael Tully (Raan Galvaanik) to sign some copies of the original Spirit Blade to be made available as part of a Collector's Set.

I decided that, while I'm reconnecting with these guys, it would be a great opportunity to catch up and ask any questions that you might have for them. I'll be recording our conversation and will later produce it as a special feature for the website, so I'm currently collecting questions to ask these guys and would love to get one from you!

Questions can be serious or crazy. They can be connected to Spirit Blade Productions or completely unrelated. You can ask their opinion on something, find out their favorite "fill in the blank" or confirm those rumors about a third nipple. Whatever's on your mind!

Post your questions here or call and leave a message I can use in the feature- 206-350-1226

I'll be connecting with these guys in just a week or two, so don't delay!

-Paeter Frandsen

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