Friday, July 9, 2010

Almost 1/4th Finished!


Despite a few setbacks this week, I'm currently mixing scene 9 out of 39 of the Spirit Blade: Special Edition. I completed 1-8 out of order over the last two weeks and I'm VERY excited to be hearing these scenes come alive in the way I've wanted them to for the last two years!

Along the way, I'm also re-recording a few of my lines and had my wife re-record a few of Ebony's. It's been a very unique challenge to record new lines and match them next to old ones. My approach to everything was so different the first time, more than four years ago. I'm adjusting EQs to make the new lines fit next to the old ones. I'm also performing the role of Merikk much like I did the first time, with a little more naive energy and spark than he has in Dark Ritual.

Well, that's all I can think of to write, so it must mean I should get back to mixing!

-Paeter Frandsen

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