Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Remote Controlling


My pace has been improving this week and I'm trying to build on my momentum by figuring out a way to control my audio mixing computer with my laptop. I spend a few days each week working downstairs on our laptop while I keep an eye on our son and my wife goes to work. For the most part, it doesn't effect my productivity much, since I can still mix during his naps. And aside from some feeding and brief play breaks now and then, my son isn't very demanding. But the one thing I can't do on my laptop is mix audio, since all my software and files are upstairs on my office computer.

So I'm getting some advice and looking into options that will allow me to control my upstairs computer from my laptop downstairs, so that on those rare occassion when I've caught up on every e-mail, blog post, message board and Bible study, I can get some mixing done, too!

I'm running XP home edition, so I'm told I don't have the built in capability already on my PC. But I've downloaded VNC and am hoping to figure it out soon (I'm not real tech savvy). If anyone else has a suggestion for a free solution, I'm all ears!


  1. There's a number of free applications from cnet . . . along with editorial reviews. (If you're not familiar with CNET . . . it's a highly trusted computer/software site.)
    Here's what my search dug up:|platform=Windows&filterName=licenseName=Free|platform=Windows&tag=ltcol

  2. Awesome! Thanks, Nathan! I will definately look into it!

  3. Paeter,
    I don't know if you've already found a solution to this or not, but a tool that I frequently use is a web-based application called It is great and FREE!.

  4. I haven't had time to sort out my options yet, but I will definately include that in the mix! Thanks so much, JD!