Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spirit Blade Audio Book


I'm currently developing two audiobooks that you will be able to download and enjoy for free in the coming months! One is a project I'm collaborating on and must remain a mystery for now.

The other is the Spirit Blade Novella project I announced in January. The right peices are slowly lining up and I will begin recording the first chapter soon! (Either this week or next.) This will be what I would call an "enhanced" audiobook. Most, if not all scenes will contain background ambience and sometimes a musical score. Sound effects will be incorporated at especially pivotal moments as well.

It's been fun for me to revisit this project and remember the story as it existed before being adapted for audio drama. I can safely say that even fans who are very familiar with both Spirit Blade and Dark Ritual will enjoy a unique experience and a story that is significantly different from the audio dramas, yet still firmly in the world of Spirit Blade, featuring the characters you know and love.

More info as it all develops!

-Paeter Frandsen

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