Friday, February 13, 2009

Audition For Pilgrim's Progress!


Auditions are now open for our next project- "Pilgrim's Progress: Similitude Of A Dream"!

Here's all the info you need:

Project Title: "Pilgrim's Progress: Similitude Of A Dream"

Synopsis: Based on the classic allegory by John Bunyan, this re-imagined version takes place in a fantasy setting, with strange creatures and unusual characters.

Christopher Pilgrim is plagued by an evil curse and has discovered his city will soon be destroyed in a storm of fire. Despite opposition and rejection from those around him, he embarks on a quest to find the Mystic City, where he will be safe from prophesied destruction. But who can he trust on this perilous journey? And how will he reach his destination?

To hear a trailer of our most recent project, visit

If you are unable to record your own audition, and you live in the Phoenix area (Arizona), you may contact Paeter Frandsen at to set up an audition in person.

Please send all recorded auditions in mp3 format via YouSendit ( to and label your files "FullName_PPAUD_Character.mp3" using a different file for each role you audition for. Files must be a minimum of 128kbp, or higher if possible.

Be sure to set your recording levels so that your performance volume does not cause distortion. A pop-filter is also advised. Any distortion, "popping" or blowing on the microphone will reduce your chances of being cast.

All auditions are due no later than Friday, March 20th. Direct any questions to Paeter Frandsen at:

If you'd like to include an accent in your audition you may. The general speech pattern in this world is defined as "clearly articulated", though not necessarily British.

Listed below are the roles available, with the appropriate audition lines:

KAPHAN- (Male)

University faculty member. Well-meaning friend of Christopher who doesn't see eye to eye with him, but is friendly and likes to go with the flow.

Kaphan: I may not think the same way that you do, but I don’t see a reason to bring the Overseer into this. He's excercized enough power already. And you don't need any extra trouble in your life. How are Tiana and the children?

Kaphan: Christopher? I was on rounds tonight and heard a noise in here- Have you been up all night? What are you doing?

Kaphan: Christopher, you’re making me nervous. I want to help you.

Kaphan: Come with you? I don’t even know where you’re going! Or why!

Kaphan: Gods preserve us. I’ve never seen power like that!

Kaphan: (Playful, while racing a friend) C'mon, leadfeet! You’re moving slower than a stone-beast!

OVERSEER- (Male or Female)

Stubborn head of university department. Proud of his accomplishments and likes the authority over others that his position gives him.

Overseer: Master Pilgrim. What is going on here?

Overseer: I will NOT have you uttering that ridiculous intolerable nonsense as a member of the Circle. You will report to the inner chamber immediately for emergency session and penalization.

VANGER- (Male)

A Woodsman. Friendly and unassuming. His quiet smile puts others at ease. Genuinely cares about Christopher, but also knows when to be firm and speak the truth. (This role may return in a future episode)

Vanger: Whoa, there! You alright? Here, sit down.

Vanger: No need to apologize. I travel these lands alone and have much time to think. One in my position can't help but become a philosopher. In fact most others I've met outside the city enjoy discussion as much as I do.

Vanger: Here. (Takes book) You are not directionless on this journey. There is a power in this book. When you feel lost, open the Chronicles and a light will emerge. Watch.

Vanger: It is the curse you feel. The power to break it lies ahead. Push through the weight and pain of it. You must live, Christopher. You must embrace life!

Vanger: The choice is yours, Christopher. It has always been yours. And you are living now the outcome of your choices. Go back the way you came! The fire may burn you, but you will live!

Vanger: Christopher, you must pay more attention to the things I'm trying to tell you. Taking council from others is wise. But you must weigh their words in light of their character.

AZER- (Male)

A Holy Knight. Heroic and strong sounding, yet also wise and helpful.

Azer: Don't give up, Christopher! They don't have you yet!

Azer: Unhand him, creature! You face Azer, Knight of Salvara!

Azer: Silence, evil shade! Look upon my sword. You know this weapon and its power. Leave now or I will destroy you with it.

Azer: You're not the first to read the Chronicles. Others have taken this journey, and like you, felt the despair of their own exposure. It flows down and trickles off of them, given form by the same curse that rests upon you now. That darkness gathers here, creating this swamp, inviting cruel denizins of the Otherworld to dwell here and feed on victims. For nearly 2000 years, the Absolute has dispatched craftsmen, day and night to Dread-Gloom, but the work never ends. The swamp is continually re-filled with the slime and stench of despair, pulling in one victim after the next.

DESPAIR- (Male or Female)

An evil spirit that lives in the swamp. It desires to seduce, corrupt and consume its victims.

Despair: Come back to us, Christopher. You belong here. You can go no further.

Despair: And we SHALL become one with him. He is afraid.

Despair: One drop of my essence upon your flesh will bring about your downfall!

SOPHIA- (Female)

Sage of an Elven village. She has settled into her opinions about life and feels very qualified to advise others. She takes her role seriously, with only a touch of pride evident.

Sophia: I come from a bloodline of Elves dedicated to wiping this curse from the land. Our entire culture is purposed to destroy it. For generations we have devised methods of removing this curse and have become quite proficient. As the Sage of my people I have collected much knowledge, gained through our efforts, and offer wisdom to all who may benefit. Would you mind if I gave you a little?

Sophia: Well someone ought to silence that fool! This road he's put you on is the most dangerous one in the world! I mean, look at you! You've still got Dread-Gloom dripping from your clothes! And that's just the beginning. If you keep going this way you'll find pain, hunger, and danger like you've never seen. You'll have swords at your throat, dragons at your back and in the end, death. I'm sorry, friend, I wish it were not true. But please do not march to your death at the word of some foolish woodsman.

Sophia: Oh, you'll like it in Moralin. A wonderful place. I'm sure you could get word to your family to come and join you there. Expansive homes of beautiful Elven architecture. Food and supplies are plentiful at little cost. And you'll share your days with some of the kindest individuals you'll ever know.


Robust and jolly dwarven guard. Tough as nails but quick to laugh. (Scottish accent if it's really solid. A likeable character performance is much more important.)

William: Who's there?

William: Rings of Sheol, its a dragon brood! Four of them. Not much bigger than horses yet, but trouble enough. Now stay behind me!

Willaim: Not just any dragon. Zebool is the dragon Lord. Sworn enemy of the Absolute. Cursed with unholy immortality, his existence is a wretched mockery of life. His only pleasure is in killing those who wish to find the Mystic city. Resurrecting them to an eternal living death. He wants all life to share what he has brought upon himself.

William: Ha ha! I've done this a few times my boy. Dwarf or no dwarf, it's The Incarnate that keeps pulling me through.

William: Your past doesn't matter here. We don't turn away anyone that really wants passage through the gate. Now who told you of this place?

William:(Pause and deep breath. He places an encouraging hand on Chris' shoulder and pats him twice.) Hold on a little longer. I don't have the power to remove it.


Firm and serious, though not a bully.

Guard: Halt! Who goes there!

Guard: Hey. You alright?

Guard: Step back, sir. I will not ask you again.

KYBER- (Male)

Student(Late Teens or 20's)

SYTHEN- (Male)

Antagonistic Student(Late Teens or 20's)

SHAYRA- (Female)

Student(Late Teens or 20's)

Use all of these lines when auditioning for any of the "students".

Kyber: Master Pilgrim. What about the marks? I haven’t heard any teaching on them yet from The Order and have been hoping all year that you might bring them up.

Kyber: I’ve heard… rumors, sir. That you don’t always agree with the circle of mages and ask questions they would rather you did not.

Shayra: We’re sorry, Master Pilgrim. We were scared. We thought the overseer…

Kyber: I can feel the power. Spirits, we’ll be killed!

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