Friday, September 12, 2008

We Need Your Help!


Hi Everybody!

I've got CDs out to my test listeners and will be getting a sample from our CD manufacturers today, so the end has never been closer!

As I get ready to transition from production to marketing, I could really use your help. Marketing is not my strong point, but I want to do all I can to get the word out about "Dark Ritual" when it is released.

I'll be getting on every podcast I can to talk about it, promoting it on message boards I'm a part of (when appropriate), and sending out e-mails to the folks on our list.

I've used Google Adwords before, but was not impressed with the results vs. investment. I'll be looking into a similar but more focused device on MySpace. But our marketing budget is very small, and I'm looking for as many alternatives to spending money as possible.

Any ideas out there? I'd love to hear them!

Lastly, Hurricane Ike is on the move and reportedly very dangerous. I hope you'll take a moment today and join me in praying for those who are affected by it.

Thanks and take care.

-Paeter Frandsen


  1. Use Facebook as well. Everyone is on it (much more professional looking than myspace) and you can create a Spiritblade Group and invite everyone to "be a fan". That way they will know when it is out and I think you can put audio clips on their as well.

  2. Great idea, Jon!
    Thanks for the info!