Friday, September 5, 2008

The Next Order Of Business


I spent around half of this week working to figure out what company and method we will use to produce our "Dark Ritual" CD sets. Several companies are sending me samples, I'm discussing options with my graphic designer, and I'm also looking for ways to potentially cut corners and reduce costs. It has all involved flexing a different muscle than I have been for awhile, but it's been very good for me and actually enjoyable.

When I ran out of things to do for "Dark Ritual", I pulled out the adaptation work I've done so far for "The Pilgrim's Progress" and continued my work on that project for the first time in many months. Already, I'm looking forward to working on the early creative process for "Pilgrim" and doing the careful thinking, absorbing and studying that adapting that work requires.

I've been working on "Dark Ritual" in one form or another for more than two years now, so putting it down to work on a different creative project felt unusual, but very good. There's still work yet to do before "Dark Ritual" is released, but as I begin the process of "letting it go", I find I'm already anxious for what is coming next.

-Paeter Frandsen 

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