Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Paeter's Brain

Paeterpic I was hoping to have a link here for a video I'm trying to post over at "Paeter's Brain", but since I'm having trouble getting it to work and I need to post here today I thought I'd just remind everybody about my personal blog.

"Paeter's Brain" is the weblog that I post on three times a week on topics such as Movies, Comic Books, Video Games, Boardgames, TV Shows and whatever else is of interest to me.

I make a regular habit of posting reviews there from the perspective of a Christian geek. Everything I review is given a rating for Quality (how skillfully or artistically something was done or made) and Veracity (how likely you are to have meaningful, truth-oriented conversation with someone after watching, reading or taking part in the subject of the review).

Currently, I'm working on posting all the old horror/sci-fi/superhero movies I made with my friends in college, episodically in chronological order. It's really bad stuff. In fact, if I were using my own review system, they'd all get a 0 in both categories. But at least they give anyone interested a peek into my twisted mind and odd sense of humor. Or, in other words, a peek into "Paeter's Brain"!

If you haven't checked it out yet, just follow the link at the top of the page. Then be sure to stop by and leave me a comment!

See you there, if you dare! (ooh, that rhymed!)



(Hey, that's another one!)

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