Friday, May 25, 2007

"Dark Ritual" Mixing Begins!

Img_0573 This week, Paeter finished adaptation and composition on the two songs that "Raan Galvaanik" will be singing. Mike Tully (the voice of Raan) will be flying to Phoenix in just under two weeks to record.

Mixing has also begun on the first three scenes of "Dark Ritual". Although no lines have been recorded yet, ambient sound cues, music cues and various sound effect cues are being lined up to make dropping in the vocal work easier later on.

Scene three will be a VERY heavily layered scene. It's a huge fight sequence near the beginning that takes place in the Spirit World and the action is fast and wild. Trust us when we say that the combat will be so furious that your ears will have trouble keeping up! We're starting this story with an explosive bang that you'll need to brace yourself for!

In other news, Spirit Blade Productions is planning a 30-45 minute audio drama set in space that will be available sometime in the first half of 2008, for FREE! We're very excited about this new project and although we need to keep the title and further details under wraps for now, look for more updates here in the future!

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