Friday, May 23, 2008

Songs, Commentary and Comics!

Dr_cover_proj_pg200 This week has seen a lot of progress made on the music of "Dark Ritual". The final, climactic song is now finished and Paeter is polishing up another that will likely be finished today.

After that, two songs remain that haven't even been started yet. However, both songs are by nature more "vacant" or "empty" sounding, requiring much less in the mixing process.

Paeter has also nearly finished work on the remaining 3 commentary tracks for "Spirit Blade". Part 8 should be posted on the "media" page this weekend with the others soon to follow!

Lastly, you don't want to miss the podcast this weekend. Paeter interviews J.S. Earls, the Christian comic book creator behind the official adaptations of some of Ted Dekker's work, as well as the creator behind a great looking series called "Pistolfist", which will be released this summer! So be sure to check out part one of this interview!

Have a great weekend!

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