Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Price Of Freedom

Memorial Day You've probably heard the expression, "Freedom isn't free". And hopefully we can take a moment during our picnics and family gatherings to remember the price that someone paid for our freedom.

First, we can acknowledge the men and women who gave their lives to defend the freedom we have. Whether they believed in the God of the Bible or not, God used them to bless us in a monumental way. We can also take a moment and pray for the people bravely serving today, and the families they leave behind to do so.

And second, we have the opportunity on this Memorial Day to acknowledge and thank God for the price he paid by hanging in our place on a tool of humiliation and torture. The rejection and wrath delivered by God the Father and experienced by Jesus, represents a price paid that we can't comprehend because we can't fathom the infinite value of the life that was given in payment. But by trusting in the worth of that sacrifice, we can have freedom from the power of sin in this life and freedom from the presence of sin in the next.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day and enjoy the freedoms you have because of those who paid for them.

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