Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Name Is Bruce (Movie Review)

Review By Ken From Honolulu


In "My Name Is Bruce", B-movie legend Bruce Campbell is mistaken for his character "Ash" from the Evil Dead trilogy, and forced to fight a real monster in a small town in Oregon.

He is abducted to help a small town fight a Chinese demon that protects a cemetery and kills people generally by chopping their heads off. (So if blood and gore really bother you, this is not the film for you.) Bruce thinks this is a joke and the people are actors. He starts being nicer and eventually helps them defeat the demon.

This was an independent film made by Bruce Campbell and a bunch of his friends. The acting is very good. The filming is very good with a clear bright picture. There is really no CG in the movie, it's almost all practical effects. 

For the first half of the film Bruce Campbell is a real jerk. He's a B-movie film star and thinks that because he is a star he should be treated like a god. Right after he finishes filming one scene he says to an assistant in a nasty voice, "Where's my lemon water?" The guy says, "We don't have any." Bruce says, "It's in my contract, you better get me some lemon water!" So the guy walks away, grabs a water bottle, pees in it, and then gives it back to Bruce. And that's the kind of "high-brow" stuff that's in the film.

The problem I had with the film is the profanity.  If you can get past it, it's not a bad film.

If you're a Bruce Campbell fan, this is a good film for you.

Rated R for language and some violence

Quality: 7.7/10

Relevance: 5/10 (My wife and I talked about how much of a jerk he was and how he came around.  Also we talked about the idea of a demon protecting anything.)

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