Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spirit Blade 3 Production Begins!

Woohoo! Today is a very big day for me!

1. I'm turning 34! (Which means my mental pictures of Jesus as he was on earth will have to start getting strangely younger and younger relative to me.)

2. My wife bought me Thunderstone: Dragonspire as an "expansion" to Thunderstone Advance, which I bought three weeks ago. (Thunderstone rocks! Review coming soon!)

3. Kristen Self is coming over tonight to record for Spirit Blade 3!

That name probably isn't popping out to you even if you are a fan of Spirit Blade and Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual. But Kristen provides the voice for the computer in both audio dramas as well as the intro to the Spirit Blade Underground Podcast. And she'll be doing it one more time for Spirit Blade 3!

Our recording session will likely only last around 30 minutes or so. But even so, it will mark the end of pre-production and the start of production on Spirit Blade 3!

Hard to believe it's here! I've already got four other returning actors scheduled to record and before I know it guys like Randy Hesson and Michael Tully will be stepping up to the microphone to play their characters for what may be the last time ever!

I've decided to delay holding auditions for supporting roles until all of the principle performers have finished recording, but keep one eye here for audition announcements in the coming months.

Well I almost typed "back to work!" as my sign off, but remembered that apart from recording with Kristen I'm taking most of the night off for my birthday. So "back to play"!

-Paeter Frandsen

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