Monday, November 24, 2008

John Carpenter's: The Thing

In my opinion, few movies stand the test of time like "John Carpenter's: The Thing". In the modern age of CGI, we see all kinds of terrible and fake-looking creatures. It's pretty clear when the actors are talking to a tennis ball and not an alien.

But before CGI, special effects wizards like Rob Bottin(The Howling, Legend) had to create animated puppets or intricate costumes to bring creatures to life. As a result, when you see the creature, you know the actors are seeing it, too. It's not a bunch of imaginary ones and zeroes. It's right there with the actors, covered in KY jelly to give it that look of slimy persperation you just can't get in CGI. And though there is still a "fakeness" to the effects, it still comes off as more real than many hollywood light shows brought to us by George Lucas.

Combine this with Bottin's wacked out creature designs and a constant sense of claustrophobia and paranoia, and you have a classic movie that is just what the promotional posters say: The ultimate in alien terror.

This is a movie that serves as something of an "initiation" into friendship with Paeter Frandsen. Most, but not all of my friends are subjected to this film the second or third time they hang out with me.

Tonight, I have the unique pleasure of having a friend over that I've known for years, but for some reason never got around to making him sit through this film. I've seen it so many times, that the greatest pleasure I get from it now is showing it to those who have never seen it. So tonight will be alot of fun.

Brace yourself, Jeff! For soon you shall encounter... The Thing!

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