Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thank Goodness For Celebrities

Oprah  Tom_Cruise  SusanSarandon 

I'm so grateful that we have celebrities. Without them, I'm not sure I'd ever know what it means to be cool. I would have no idea what it means to be successful in life, or what beautiful is. I would be completely adrift without their spiritual guidance.

It's so good to know that if I think how they think and do what they do, I can have a life as wonderful as theirs obviously is.

I remember thinking, just before graduating from High School, that I might never know how to be cool again. I would probably never see the cool, popular kids from my high school for the rest of my life. How will I know how to dress? How will I know the latest slang? How will I know what to believe?

Luckily, with talk shows and Hollywood celebrities to help us, we can all behave just like we did in High School and pursue being cool and trendy at the small expense of individual thought.

"Remember my Spirit?" Oh, what a great idea! "Follow my heart?" Oh, thank you, Oprah...thank you.

-Paeter Frandsen

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