Friday, October 31, 2008

Join The Party!!


The CDs for "Dark Ritual" have arrived!! This weekend we'll take inventory on them, send pre-release CDs to out of town cast and then they will be available to purchase on Monday, November 3rd! (The digital download version will be available at that time as well.)

This Sunday we are having a small CD release party with local cast members, friends and family. Instead of a guestbook, I'm setting out a phone for guests to use if they'd like to leave a message for our audio message center. And you're invited to leave one, too!

Dial- 712-432-8829.

When prompted, Enter Code: 8613216#

Record Me A Message!

Express your support of "Dark Ritual", say "Hi" to me or other cast members, tell your favorite joke, or just make strange random noises! No one will know it was you (unless you leave your name), so have at it!

The messages will then be uploaded to the player on this site so everyone can cycle through and hear from all the fans and people involved with Spirit Blade Productions!

Don't be shy! Grab your phone and be a part of this milestone event for Spirit Blade Productions!

Lastly, don't miss our special "Dark Ritual" release podcast episode, which will be posted early next week and will include audio messages from our "guestbook"!

Have a great weekend!

-Paeter Frandsen

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