Monday, August 11, 2008

Vacation Time!

IMG_0528 Despite being so close to the finish line with "Dark Ritual", I'm taking a week of vacation for my 30th birthday. Actually, I turned 30 back in April, but my present from my awesome wife was a trip to GenCon Indiana!

On one level, it's very difficult to put everything down and leave for a week. On another level, it's just what I need. Although it would be great to power through non-stop and finish, it probably won't hurt to forget about the world of Spirit Blade and come back with fresh ears after a week off.

FYI, there's no podcast this weekend, which is why there's no "In Search Of Truth" here today. You won't see another post here until the 20th, which will probably be "In Search Of Truth". If you're itching for something in place of our podcast this weekend, don't forget that we've got a TON of free downloadable audio content at

That's it for me! Thanks for your patience as we count down to the release of "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual!"

Have a great week!

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