Friday, August 22, 2008

Final Stages


We are now entering the final stages of production for "Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual". Our graphic designer is looking into options and pricing for CD case production, in addition to completing his work on the design for the rest of the 3-CD case.

Paeter is beginning his first of many listens to the entire project and preparing to hand it over to a small team of test listeners for further examination.

Although we are still unable to pronounce a release date, once we have decided on a manufacturing company for our CDs, we'll have the information we need to narrow down the field to a single month.

In other news, you may enjoy listening to the podcast this weekend, as Paeter, through a series of audio journal entries recorded on site, shares his GenCon experience! Info on new games, role-playing stories and the continuing quest to find parking!

Have a great weekend!

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