Friday, June 20, 2008

Progress Report

Dr_cover_proj_pg200 This week, Paeter is working on scene 29 out of 36, as well as the song "Silence". We're excited to be using a live Cello for this song and think it will create a unique flavor within the context of the largely electronic music in "Dark Ritual".

Scene 29 is the second part of our climax which, as a whole, takes place over the course of four scenes. Huge revelations, shocking events, explosive action and soon, the reason we keep saying "no one is safe". It's all coming to a high point, but not without some devestating lows.

Some new scoring options have presented themselves that we will be looking into. Although we're using temporary scoring during the mixing process, we've decided to wait on final purchases of music until all other elements in "Dark Ritual" are finished being mixed. We will then choose the options that sound the best and try to save some money by purchasing them all at once. We've got some great music to choose from and believe that the result will be a cinematic quality that considerably raises the standard for our productions.

That's all for now!


  1. Red doesn't say DARK. I says look out!

  2. Pretty cryptic, Dave.
    If you're referring to the cover of "Dark Ritual", I'll tell you something else red says. But maybe you can guess. After all, it's pumping through your veins...