Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Day "Off"

IMG_0565 I don't get paid days off, so it's not often I take a vacation. Still, I decided it couldn't hurt too much to spend the day with my brother-in-law, geeking out and playing a boardgame for 6 hours straight.

Granted, I didn't quite take the day "off", since I've moved things around this week and done some extra work mixing in the evenings while my wife is working and my son is asleep.

No signs of burnout, and I'd have a tough time slowing down production on Dark Ritual anyway. We're getting so close to the end!

I also finally picked up a new fantasy novel I'm hoping to enjoy. My available reading material has been pretty spotty lately.

So, nothing all that interesting or thought provoking. Just keeping you guys in the loop. I keep this place pretty free of nerdy particulars, but if you ever want the details on my geekiness, be sure to visit "Paeter's Brain".

Thanks for stopping in! Talk atcha later!

-Paeter Frandsen

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