Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Picking Up Speed

Img_0526 As I anticipated, I'm picking up speed and momentum with the mixing for "Dark Ritual". I've now passed a major turning point in the story that I've been so used to looking forward to. Now that I've passed it, it feels like the end is just around the corner. It's not really that simple, but it still feels pretty cool.

I've noticed that "Dark Ritual" has a different pace from "Spirit Blade". Before, the characters were on the run in some way for nearly the entire story. This time, there's very little running, but a lot of confrontation.

"Dark Ritual" is also considerably more dark than "Spirit Blade" was. Characters get put through the ringer and the theme of "torture/pain" becomes a significant plot element. Thematically, I'm representing a truth about becoming a Christian: The next life is promised to us, but tomorrow is not. Life isn't magically "fixed" when we trust in Jesus. A few things even get harder! For much of the story, things do not look good at all for the heroes, and not everything is rosy by the end, either.

I anticipate this being about as dark as we go here at SBP. At least in a project being marketed as "sci-fi/fantasy/action" and not "horror/suspense". It's been a good opportunity for me to decide where I want to draw our lines.

Well, that's it for now. Vincent Craft is getting a little ticked off with me. He wants to start the fight scene I'm working on, but I told him to wait while I post today's blog. Better get back to his scene before he becomes... impatient with me.

-Paeter Frandsen

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