Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Are We Really Communicating?

MegaphoneThe internet makes communication easier than ever before. But is it always productive communication?

We've got a ton of news programs filling timeslots on CNN and Fox news, but how much is opinion/commentary and how much is actual cold hard facts?

Political talk shows will bring exciting guests on to discuss hot-topic issues, but the time-slot is so limited that people compete to talk over each other. Both hosts and guests seem less interested in discussing and learning, and more interested in figuring out their next come-back.

On MySpace, YouTube and any given forum on the web, it's very much the same: People spitting out assumptive statements and oversimplified answers to issues that deserve lengthy and repeated examination and discussion.

Are we really interested in the truth, or have the most important issues for conversation in the world become nothing more than opportunities to feel smart?

Sometimes I'll read a post or watch a video that flies in the face of everything I believe. It angers me and I want to respond. But I've learned through experience that those are rarely the right times and opportunities to have meaningful dialogue.

It's much harder to discuss controversial issues one on one, in person, with someone you know and care about. But I can't think of any better way for us to learn from each other.

-Paeter Frandsen

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  1. I agree with you. The easier technology has made so-called "communication" easier, it's only gotten harder. NO one really understands anyone or even takes any real quality time out to talk about the important stuff. IT's just, "Lol, I feel that way, too" in your inbox or cell phone (text messaging), and as for TV, it's all for show. All for money. NO one really cares on those talkshows what's said, just as long as they look good on camera. Yes, it's hard to talk to those clos to you about big issues but mostly it just takes time and guts if it's about something really hot. I mean like politics can and especially religion, christianity beeing the most heated topic in my family, creat such opposing points of views that everyone just ends up mad at one another or the issue's droppd without further examination. Okay, I can go on all night about this but I'm not. That's what I think. I feel we all need to slow down our livse and actually schedule to meet with friends to really talk and that goes with family, too. After all, aren't they the most important in the end, when it all comes shaking down? When tragedy hits?